Essay代寫范文-Cultural Values in China

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本文是一篇Essay代寫范文,題目為:Cultural Values in China,范文主要討論了中國的文化價值。中國文化是歷史上為數不多的幾千年文明古國之一,它植根于歷史,但近幾十年來發生了翻天覆地的變化。通過霍夫斯泰德提出的六個維度,可以更好地理解中國的文化價值觀。本文分三對六個維度進行分析。權力與集體主義、陽剛之氣與不確定性、長期取向與約束是中國文化價值觀最顯著的特征。


As one of the few ancient civilizations that survived through the thousands of years of history, the Chinese culture is deeply rooted in history yet going through dramatic changes in the recent decades. The cultural values of China can be better understood though the six dimensions proposed by Hofstede. In this essay, the six dimensions are to be analyzed in three pairs. Power and collectivism, masculinity and uncertainty, long term orientation and restraint are the most notable features of the Chinese cultural values.


China has been under the rule of dozens of emperors through the dynasties, and social hierarchy has become imprinted in Chinese culture. Although the concept of democracy has been brought into the country in the modern world, it is rather practiced with caution. With one dominant party ruling the country, Chinese is among the cultures with high power distance index. The members of the Chinese society acknowledge and accept the power inequality at different levels: including schools, families and workplaces. Accordingly, Chinese also value collectivism more than individualism, since the former aligns with the social hierarchy and high power-distance. People don’t like to stand out too much from the crowd in the Chinese culture, while group activity is more likely to bring a sense of safety.


When it comes to masculinity and femininity, the former is definitely more valued than the latter according to Chinese values. Compared to the humanized approach adopted in some developed countries when it comes to working environment, Chinese usually need to work much harder and longer hours to compete with others. While Confucianism and its definition of women’s subordinate roles to men have had deep influences in China, circumstances are completely different in different parts of China. In the developed urban areas, women enjoy almost the same social status as men do, although they are often underpaid relative to men. In the rural and less developed areas, the major duties of women are still the domestic chores and bearing of children. Due to the high masculinity, Chinese are not good at being too careful and detailed to avoid risks and uncertainties.


Finally, Chinese ranks the top in the long-tern orientation category. Chinese people are more pragmatic, modest and thrifty in general. Most of the Chinese population are not religious, which again reflects this result. When it comes to indulgence vs. restraint, different regions have different features again. There are some cities in China, such as Chengdu, where leisure is an important element of life, even of higher priority than work. in other places, such as the major cities, work ethics lead to much lower indulgence. In general, China is still a society with more rigid social norms, although things are changing quickly with the increasing influence of the younger generation.


In conclusion, China is observed to value power and social hierarchy, and accepts social inequality as something completely normal. The high masculinity naturally results in low uncertainty avoidance in China. Utilitarianism and pragmatism are also valued in Chinese culture, while religion and indulgence are less important. The analysis by Hofstede’s cultural dimensions has provided a much clearer picture of Chinese cultural values.





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